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Admire the beauty of the Eiffel Tower in Paris on your APT tour to France.
Admire the fairytale-like Neuschwanstein Castle when your APT tour takes you to Germany.
Experience fields of Tulips at Tulip time when your APT river cruise takes you to Holland.
Explore the grounds of the Blue Mosque when you visit Istanbul on your tour of Turkey with APT.
View the city of Budapest while cruising down the Danube River on your APT river cruise of Europe.

Experience Europe on a luxury APT tour - it's like no other! We've spent years planning & reinventing the escorted vacations we offer today. Every element has been perfected, so simply relax & enjoy your journey.

Enjoy the sights of Europe as they glide by on your APT river cruise of Europe.

Your European vacation combines a luxury escorted tour with a diverse range of destinations. Combine your tour with great inclusive experiences and exciting city stays. Join us for a stylish, unforgettable and life-enriching experience - and find out why we are the leaders in European Vacations.

Eastern Europe - explore the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany on an APT escorted tour. Find out more here.

France, Spain & Portugal - discover the beauty, style and culture of France - from Paris to Versailles and Saint Malo, and the Rhône, Provence and French Riviera. Explore Spain and Portugal from Madrid to Lisbon, from coastal cities to country villages. Find out more here.

Italy, Croatia & The Balkans - experience the romance and glamour of Italy's spectacular cities to the unqieu vistas of Croatia and the tranquil resorts of SloveniaFind out more here.

 Switzerland- explore soaring mountain peaks, serene lakes and picturesque towns. Find out more here.

Turkey - the flavours of the Middle East meet European influences in beautiful Turkey. Take a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to include the World War I sights of Gallipoli in your trip. Find out more here.

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Experience Europe on a luxury APT vacation. Find out about our Europe Escorted Vacations and travel with like-minded travellers on a small group escorted tour. Find out more here.


Europe's Grand Waterways

Glide through stunning rural landscapes, traverse lush valleys and drift along winding city canals past ancient landmarks. APT takes you cruising in style - with more luxury river ships exploring even more of Europe's rivers.

  • Seine River - Discover the Norman countryside in France as you travel between Paris and Rouen. Experience beautiful villages, pleasant landscapes and historic châteaux.
  • Rhine River - Thw Rhine offers some of the most picturesque cruising imaginable, with hillsides dotted with quaint towns, vineyards, ancient castles and ruins.
  • Main River - A crucial part of the corridor that links the North and Black seas, the Main runs through the German states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse.
  • Main-Danube Canal - Having taken 32 years to construct and completed in 1992, the canal's stair-step locks allow ships to cross Europe's Continental Divide between the Main and Danube rivers. It runs from Bamberg via Nuremberg to Kelheim..
  • Danube River - Flowing through ten countries, the Danube is Europe's second largest river. Originating in Germany's Black Forest, the river leads to the Black Sea.
  • Moselle River - a tributary of the Rhine, the Moselle originates in the Vosges Mountains and flows though the wine-producing regions of France, Germany and Luxembourg.
  • Rhône River - the Rhône originates in the beautiful region of the Swiss Alps, and runs through the Provence region of southern France before entering the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Saône River - The Saône is a river of eastern France. It is a right tributary of the River Rhône, rising at Vioménil and joining the Rhône in Lyon.
  • Douro River - The Douro River threads its way through Portugal's ethereal landscapes, teeming with colourful cityscapes, picture-perfect scenery and historic charm.
  • Dordogne, Garonne and Girdone River - Cruise Bordeaux’s three majestic waterways and experience the pleasant French villages, towns and cities perched on their banks.

Most Popular Europe Trips

Here are some of our most popular European cruises:

  • Magnificent Europe - Board this iconic 15 day cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest, for a luxurious APT adventure.
  • Rhine, Rhône and Moselle - Enjoy an exclusive APT opportunity and cruise three of Europe's most beautiful rivers, from Paris to Monte Carlo in 21 days.
  • Turkey - Experience 28 days of wonder as you explore the delights of Turkey before floating through 5 countries on a luxury river cruise.
  • Eastern Europe - Travel from Prague to Amsterdam and spend 25 days exploring this fascinating region that has undergone such enormous change over the last few decades.
  • Italy, Croatia and the Balkans - Discover the romance of the Mediterranean and be enthralled by the famous sites of Rome and Florence, before joining your European river cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam.
  • Switzerland - Start in Zurich and be charmed over 27 days as you discover the striking mountainside scenery and immaculate cities of this beautiful country, before joining a cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam.
  • Spain and Portugal - Enjoy the laid-back nature of these memorable countries that have inspired some of the world's great artist and musicians, as you discover this region over 14 days, from Lisbon to Madrid.
  • Christmas Time in Europe - Enjoy this 21 day Christmas Markets cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest. Stroll through winter villages and shop at festive Christmas markets as twinkling lights and a crisp frost lend themselves to traditional Yuletide greetings.

Preparing for Your Trip

To help you prepare for your journey we have put together some information that will assist you with your final arrangements. Whether you're wondering about your tour's services and amenities, how to handle gratuities, contact details, and more - we hope this information helps you along your way.

  • Download APT's Europe General Travel Information here. 
  • We wish you an enjoyable experience and know you'll return home with wonderful memories of a unique and exciting holiday with APT.

    Travelling to the UK & Europe

    Be aware that it is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct documentation completed to enter any of these countries, and incorrect documents may cause you delays, that affect you starting your tour.

    The United Kingdom

    Visa Requirements

    In general tourist visitors do not need a visa for tourist to this country for a stay up to 6 months. As requirements do change depending on your country of citizenship, plus your destination within the United Kingdom it is best to check details with your nearest British High Commission.

    Vaccination Requirements

    Vaccinations are not required for yellow fever, malaria or cholera. For all health requirements and recommendations travelers should check with a local Department of Health.


    Visa and Vaccination Requirements

    Each European country has their own visa and vaccination requirements, depending on your country of citizenship. It is best to ask your travel agent to assist, or contact the appropriate embassy/high commission for further details.

    Travellers from the United States can also consult: http//

    This information is correct at time of publishing. Travellers should always contact their nearest embassy or foreign office, and travel agent to confirm all their requirements for visas, vaccinations and passports.

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