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Russia, Scandinavia & The Baltics

From the cultural hub of St Petersburg to quirky capital Moscow, be amazed by the unrelenting majesty of Russia's expansive landscapes. See forested islands, cruise expansive lakes and visit remote villages. Experience friendly cultures, delicious cuisine and heart-warming regional tipples.

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Embrace the vivid colours of this fascinating part of the world. Feel the might of empires long-past, and merge with ultra-modern living as you experience Russia with APT. Discover the breathtaking fjords and towering glaciers of Scandinavia, as well as the imposing castles and grand palaces of the Baltics.

  • Everywhere from Moscow to Copenhagen, you will be captivated by the included sightseeing on offer
  • Board the Golden Eagle train for a marvellous Trans-Siberian rail journey
  • Don't worry – we have everything covered. From transfers and luggage porterage to port charges and tipping, we take care of everything you need
  • APT's fleet of small ships can access some of the world’s most pristine and untouched ports
  • Gain expert knowledge with our informed APT Expedition Leaders, team members and Golden Eagle Tour Managers
  • Go beyond the well-trodden beaten path and experience local interaction with families of the Baltic region

Travel Regions

Map of Russia and surrounding areas
Embrace the heart and soul of Russia as you immerse yourself in the grandeur of its historic cities, idyllic countryside, intriguing past, impressive artwork and architecture and cultural and traditional differences.
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Scandinavia is a land awash in natural beauty and rich historical tradition. Add to the mix a vibrant culture steeped in Viking lore, it is an enthralling region of enchanting landscapes, unique cultures and charming cities not to be missed.
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From the region’s iconic attractions to its charming secrets, there’s no better way to discover the wonders of the Baltics than to immerse yourself within beautiful medieval cities, fascinating history and diverse cultures with APT. 
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There is no better way than an APT river cruise... to experience the history and culture of Russia!