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Discover lands of fascinating traditions, modern innovations and beautiful contradictions. Whether you travel by land, river, or small expedition ship, let APT take you on a journey of unparalleled wonders though China and Japan.


Sleek bullet train with Mt Fuji in the background surrounded by clouds

Captivating Sights

Discover a place where ancient culture and modern living meet, with mega-cities and backwater villages. Experience unique and memorable places that most travellers wouldn’t know about to gain a greater insight into the complexities of China and Japan’s history and culture.

Plate of duck pancakes

Culinary Delights

Indulge your taste buds as on a culinary adventure through Asia, discover authentic regional dishes and unique flavours you may never have realised existed. Experience the flavours of Asia with fine dining onboard your river ship and a variety of restaurants on your tour.

Corner of Beijing's Forbidden City walls and water.

Signature Experiences

Venture beneath the surface of the culture and history around you through included Signature Experiences. Explore a VIP only section of the Forbidden City, meet a local geiko (geisha). Complement your sightseeing, deepen your experience and make your journey truly unforgettable.

Choose your Dream Experience

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