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Travel Update: COVID-19

Meet APT GM Customer Service – Karen Scharnbock

Karen explains how APT's Customer Service team has risen to the challenges of 2020, so that guests can head on out and answer the call to travel once more.

Why APT?
I just love the people in the business. Everyone is passionate about travelling and all departments work together to keep the business moving. The collaboration and fun we have on a daily basis makes it a great environment to thrive in. I am also very proud of the product and the experience we can provide our guests – when you see them at expos and they talk about how many trips they’ve done or what they most enjoyed it makes it all worthwhile!


What sets APT apart?
I think the culture we have sets us apart. We are always evolving our product and looking for new ways to wow guests – you don’t last 93 years by doing the same thing over and over again.

karen scharnbock apt general manager customer service

What exciting things are you and your team working on?
We are evolving our processes and procedures and thinking of new ways to do things which I always find super exciting. We are focused on ensuring we have the very best systems in place for our workforce so the working-from-home experience is top notch and also taking this opportunity to upskill our staff by providing more training. We strive for very high engagement with our teams and are always looking to build on the great service standards we already have!

What changes have you made to customer service to respond to the recent crisis?
We introduced a dedicated team to service our guests and agents who were affected by suspensions. This allowed us to have a group of people with the skillset to pay that extra attention needed to people who have been disappointed by not travelling, through offering a tailored one-on-one customer service. The response we have received about that team has been very positive.

karen scharnbock apt gm customer service australia
karen scharnbock apt gm customer service germany

What destination is ‘calling’ you?
I was meant to travel to Costa Rica in August so that will be top of the list when those planes take off again!