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Travel Update: COVID-19

Meet APT Head of Digital & Studio - Emily Rayner

Emily leads a fantastic team of creatives producing APT's print and digital experiences to connect with our customers. Here, she shares APT's latest digital innovations and tells us the things she loves most about Vancouver.
What do you enjoy about working with APT? 
The people I work with are creative, smart and incredibly resilient. We’ve had to challenge ourselves to do things differently and think of presenting travel in alternative ways. For a company with over 90 years' heritage, there are a lot of fresh ideas and perspectives on ways to see the world in a different light. Travel is an industry full of passionate people. It’s not a career. It’s a lifestyle.  
Headshot of Emily Rayner
What exciting projects are you and your team working on?
We’re re-imagining our brochure and digital experience to inspire our customers to immerse themselves in their favourite destinations through beautiful imagery, stunning brochures, videos, virtual tours and interactive experiences. Whether it’s feeling like you’re stepping onto the decks of our fleet in Europe through our 360-degree virtual fleet tours or cooking up a Vietnamese speciality dish with our celebrity Ambassador Luke Nguyen, our goal is to take you on a journey and inspire you to take your next holiday with us.
What sets APT apart? 
It’s a family-owned company that is an original disruptor and has innovation coursing through its heritage. I’ve worked in start-up dotcoms in my career that pride themselves on thinking outside the box, but are way more conservative than APT. From the company's origins of ferrying commuters during a tram strike in the 1920s, it evolved into opening the Red Centre with coach and camping trips in the 70s and 80s, then pioneering luxury river cruising in the 2000s on Europe’s waterways. APT's current ability to pivot and provide amazing new journeys such as Private Jet Air tours and Walking Holidays is the latest in a long line of travel innovation.
Aerial view over the Cape Leveque region
What digital innovations are underway at APT?
We have just launched QR codes as part of our imagination of the print-to-digital experience for our customers and agents. This is to create a frictionless link between the inspiration of our beautiful print brochures to the interactivity of our digital experience. By hovering your phone or tablet over the QR code in print you get taken directly to the trip of your dreams online where you can flick through photo galleries, read interactive itineraries and watch awe-inspiring videos. I can’t wait to see how this assists our agents to tell our travel stories and how it allows our customers to get a taste of the travel experience to come. We have also just launched virtual video consultations on our websites, starting with Walking Tours on
What destination is ‘calling’ you?
Canada is calling me! My husband is a ‘Vancouverite’ and we have made a family pilgrimage once every second year to ‘the city of glass’ since the kids were little. The last nine months have highlighted how important these trips are and how we love to connect with family and the landscapes of British Columbia. This photo was taken on top of Grouse Mountain which is such a special place where you feel like you are in the middle of the wilderness, but you can still see the sparkling lights of Vancouver down below. I love Vancouver. In summer you can have a beer in your bathers in the sun, but have your feet in the snow on Seymour Mountain. In winter you can be sipping a rare whiskey in a cool Yale Town bar, then skiing a black run in less than half an hour after leaving the city. P.S. I don’t endorse drunken skiing!
View of Emily Rayner in Grouse Mountain, Canada