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Travel Update: COVID-19

Meet APT Tour Director – Frank Szy

Frank has been an integral member of APT's Canada & Alaska team for over a decade. As a Tour Director, he lives to travel out on the road or by planes, trains and cruise ships.

How long have you worked for the company and what is your favourite thing about for APT?

I started working for APT in 2009. The role appealed thanks to a love of travelling by way of motorcoach, trains, planes, cruise ships and just to be out and enjoying the sights. You get to see the mountains, experience the different smells and there's all the wildlife to see too. Just to be out in simple ... ‘Mother Nature’.

frank szy apt tour guide canada cityscape

What does your job entail?

From end to end, my job involves directing and managing over-the-road tour logistics, as well as communicating APT policies and different tour itineraries. Throughout, its about attending to our guests needs. While on tour, I provide commentary about the destinations we visit. I also communicate with our suppliers, hotels, coach companies and complete reports to our office in Vancouver.

What do you love most about your job?

The enjoyment of watching our guests reactions to the incredible beauty in Western Canada and Alaska is well ... priceless! I love meeting new people from different walks of life; sharing our stories and listening to theirs.

apt canada and alaska tour director frank szy by glacier

What has been your favourite on tour moment and why?

It's hard to pin it to just one moment. Some come to mind: the entire group (35) broke into song during the Farewell Dinner/Reception after 28 days on tour. The song: Kumbaya, as I made reference to it several times during the tour. The group reciprocated by singing three verses! They all stood up and sang from a songsheet! A very heartwarming (and funny) time! May I also add  seeing the enjoyment of guests who saw snow for the first time!

What does travel mean to you?

I live to travel. My wife and I have travelled fairly extensively, but still have too much more to see.  I love experiencing new foods and cultures; the landscapes; meeting people and perhaps, sharing a moment with them.


Frank Say in front of ship