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General Questions

What visas do I require?

Your friendly APT Customer Sales consultant will let you know if your destination or transit locations require a visa. Should you require a visa, you will need to apply for these approximately 3-4 months prior to your departure. Some destinations recommend applications to be 6 months prior to departure. We recommended you visit this website for both information and the application of visas.

For passengers travelling to Russia and Brazil, please note that an invitation letter is required to enable the application of a visa. This letter is supplied by APT for the services booked, and sent to you approximately 4-5 months before departure.

There may be a number of other destinations which also require a letter to be supplied with the visa application form, which your Sales consultant can provide you.

Some destinations may require online authorisation for travel such as the US, Turkey & India. For these destinations your Sales consultant will provide you with information to assist you.

For NZ passport holders please visit this website for information and contacts on visa requirements.

When do I receive my Documentation?

Travel packages are usually sent to you approximately 4 weeks prior to your departure. Certain information may be required to help finalise your booking. It's important we are aware of your departure date out of North America for the delivery of timely documents. For Americans and Canadians travelling to Australia or Canada that have booked directly though APT, this package will include an itinerary, luggage tags, and travel wallet. Name badges with a magnet backing and a backpack are supplied on tour in Australia and New Zealand.

For our other worldwide destinations, you will receive an itinerary, luggage tags, travel wallet, name badges with a magnet backing and a backpack ahead of your departure from North America.

For passengers with a pacemaker, please advise so that we can ensure that you receive a pin name badge.

Where do I join the tour?

Most of our itineraries commence with a transfer from the airport, or a meet and greet on Day 1. There may be times recommended for you to fly, which your Sales consultant will provide you.

If you choose to fly in a few days prior to your tour commencing and explore independently you will be advised of a time and location to meet the tour group.

If booking pre tour accommodation with APT on an exclusive APT tour itinerary, you will receive both a transfer from the airport and on Day 1 of the tour to join your fellow guests.

For Europe River cruises, the vessels are available for early boarding upon your arrival. Luggage can be stored at reception, and passengers have access to the main lounge. Cabin check in is available from 3pm.

For passengers joining a European River cruise, wishing to make their own way to meet their cruise on Day 1, please see our River Ship Port Details Page, which will provide you advice of where sailing commences.

For passengers joining a Small Ship cruise, wishing to make their own way to meet their cruise on Day 1, please see our Small Ship Port Details Page, which will provide you advice of where sailing commences.

Please note that due to nautical regulations, this may be subject to change. Therefore it is extremely important that all passengers have provided their pre tour contact number. For Vietnam or Cambodia, passengers who have booked the 8 day Mekong Cruise with no extended land touring, you are still entitled to a transfer to/from the ship. Your Sales consultant will be able to advise the hotel and time to meet the tour group.


What are the Luggage requirements?

Each passenger is entitled to take one piece of luggage that does not exceed 160cm - length/height/width (63 inches), weight limit 20kgs (44 pounds). Additional fees may apply for additional luggage, and must be requested by time of final payment.

Some safari / adventure tours may have further luggage restrictions where passengers need to pack down to a small soft duffle 10-15kg bag due to the smaller vehicles that are used whilst on tour, this includes Kimberley Wilderness Adventure, Outback Wilderness Adventures, Africa. Your Sales consultant can provide you with specific regulations.

What is the Dress Code?

Generally, smart casual is acceptable on most tours, however some tours may require/recommend per below:

  • Jacket and tie for Formal nights on board ocean cruising
  • Comfortable and light casual clothing for adventure/safari touring
  • Wet shoes for Kimberley Wilderness Adventure, Outback Wilderness Adventures
  • Comfortable footwear is recommended across all tours.

Some cultures observe specific dress requirements, such as head dress for women. Tour Directors will supply more information on tour on any of these requirements.

Is Tipping included on my APT tour?

Tipping is included for all APT operated tours.

There are a few activities whereby tipping is not included such as Africa & South America's City Stays & Extensions, and the Northern Lights Adventure in North America.

Your Sales consultant can provide you with detailed advice during your booking enquiry specific to the destination you are visiting.

What are Freedom of Choice Touring options?

For APT tour programs, you may have the opportunity to select a Freedom of Choice Touring activity. These options are at no additional cost, and confirmed whilst on tour. The Tour Directors will guide you through all of the available options, and assist with booking these for those who are interested.

Your brochure or our website will feature Freedom of Choice options for some tours - where applicable.

Should time permit, passengers may be given the opportunity to experience a second option by purchasing that option.

When should I check in at the Airport?

It is recommended that you arrive at the airport with ample time for your check in, request/confirm your airline seats and receive your boarding passes.

For Travel within Australia, we recommend checking in 1 hour & 30 minutes prior to your flight departure time.

For Travel Overseas, we recommend checking in 3 hours prior to your flight departure time.

How to book Home to Airport transfers if included?

If your APT club membership has included a return Home to Airport transfer, you will receive a flyer with your documentation pertaining to this transfer. You will be provided with a phone number to call and quote the dedicated reference number, your name and flight details. Provided you are located within 40kms of the airport, you will receive confirmation of your pick up times.

Packing Hints & Reminders

Have you arranged/packed the following:

  • Travel insurance
  • Travel adaptor or power board
  • Comfortable footwear (some extra packing hints will be included in your documentation)
  • Exchanged local currency
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimming towel
  • Motion sickness tablets
  • Phone charger
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Camera (with a spare battery)

You will also receive a Tour Hints booklet in your documentation pack with a comprehensive guideline of what to pack for your specific destination.

Before you go

Are Transfers included?

Usually a transfer is included in each direction of your tour if booking an APT operated tour itinerary: one upon arrival and one on your last day. However this is subject to the specific itinerary booked which your Sales consultant will explain during the course of your booking.

As a general rule, you will receive a transfer on the first and last day or your tour and/or if you have booked pre or post tour accommodation through APT. Please note that if you have booked a Charter tour or Voyage tour of Europe, please check with your Sales consultant in regards to the included transfers for your specific tour.

How can I call Home?

Whilst away, should you wish to call home to your family or friends, the USA and Canada country code is 1. If using your cell (mobile), please check with your phone provider the rates for making and receiving calls/texts while away to avoid a surprising high phone bill upon your return. Your itinerary will provide contact details for your hotels & cruises along the way should family & friends wish to contact you.

What if I have special Dietary Requirements?

Please ensure you advise APT during your booking process if you or any of your travelling companions have special dietary needs or requests. We aim to cater for all requests which are advised at the time of making your booking.

What is the Currency on board?

Your APT Sales consultant can provide you with information pertaining to currency used on tour and throughout the course of your trip. You will also receive a Tour Hints booklet in your documentation pack with an overview of currency you will need and on-board payment types.

Will I have Internet access?

Internet access may be available whilst travelling on your journey, however please ask your Sales consultant if this is applicable on your trip. Many hotels and cruise ships have this facility available, at times complimentary and other times at a cost. For passengers travelling to remote locations, there may be no internet facilities for a period of time.

When You Return

Are there benefits on return for APT Club Members?

As our valued return guests, you may be entitled to benefits which can be used on your future trips. For any questions on our APT Club membership program, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly Sales consultants.

How do I communicate Feedback and Comments?

We value your comments and welcome all feedback from our returning guests. We have the facility for you to chat with a member of our Sales Team during office hours - see the 'Live Chat' area on the right hand of your screen. Alternatively you can contact us here, or email us at

You will also receive a feedback form before the end of your tour. These forms are valued to us as your comments and suggestions are taken on board to continually improve our tours.

Whilst On Tour

Do I need Vaccinations and Medical Advice?

We recommend that you seek medical advice from your local Medical Practitioner, as they will have the most up to date details on appropriate vaccines, tablets and latest medical travel information.

Some destinations do have mandatory health regulations such as areas of Africa require Yellow Fever Vaccinations.

Overall, a reasonable level of health and mobility is requirement for most tours. Upon securing a reservation, you will be asked if you have any health or mobility restrictions. Should there be any restrictions; a questionnaire will be made available for completion so that we can assess the suitability of your trip.

Can you cater for a CPAP machine?

Most destinations can cater for passengers who require the use of a CPAP machine. It is important that you provide this information at time of booking.

How much walking is involved?

Most tours require a reasonable level of fitness to be able to walk on sightseeing trips, navigate along uneven ground and should be able to walk unaided for up to 1.5km.

On some adventure tours, we may visit remote areas and feature activities with varying degrees of difficulty, it is vital to select a tour with an activity level suited to your health and fitness. A good level of fitness is essential for you to undertake walks in hot conditions and over terrain with uneven and slippery surfaces. Some walks will require you to clamber over boulders up to one metre high. It is your responsibility to carry any medication you require for the tour’s duration and consult your local medical practitioner for any health advice.

Your sales consultant will be able to provide more accurate information on walking involved on the specific tour booked.

Do you have storage for insulin?

Whilst passengers may not have specific facilities to store their insulin in their rooms and cabins, the staff/crew should have facilities to store on passenger behalf. This information is required to be advised at time of booking.

You may be required to travel with your own syringe disposal unit.

How do I advise of Health/Mobility Requirements?

Your Sales consultant will ask you for any requirements pertaining to your Health & Fitness during your booking process. A questionnaire may be required to be completed, which you will be advised.

Health and mobility

Travelmarvel and Kimberley Wilderness Adventure Tours

For information relating to our Travelmarvel tours, visit the Travelmarvel Information Page.

For information relating to our Kimberley Wilderness Adventure tours, visit the Kimberley Wilderness Adventures Travel Tips Page.

How can I access my booking details?

If you have a booking, please feel free to log into our Tour Personaliser to update your personal information, provide important details, or view your booking details.

What is the Deposit Peace of Mind all about?

If you choose to pay an up-front fee of $95 per person with your deposit you may cancel your holiday prior to the due date for final payment and retain a holding credit of the deposit paid, less any third party cancellation fees. This deposit, held by the APT Travel Group, may be used towards a new APT booking without further penalty, provided the booking is made within three years of the original cancellation. Where Peace of Mind is claimed monies held must be used on a future cruise or tour, and cannot be redeemed against the original cruise or tour departure date.

What if my question hasn't been answered?

Please feel free to contact one of our friendly Customer Sales consultants via our Contact Us Page.

How long does my passport need to be valid for?

Validity to be at least 6 months from return date home.