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Extend Your Stay in North America

Set at a more leisurely pace, these holidays are perfect to add to the end of your journey, but can also be arranged as an independent adventure. You’ll spy grizzlies foraging, watch the northern lights ripple overhead or follow the paw prints of polar bears, all the while staying in remote wilderness lodges, many only reachable by float plane. It’s time to let the real adventure begin.

Contact us at APT on 1300 656 985 to add these extensions to your North American Adventure.

Great Bear Experience

Dawn wake-up calls will have you scrambling out of your bed in heart-thumping anticipation as the search for grizzlies becomes part of your morning routine. Arriving by seaplane, spend three nights in the wilds of Great Bear Lodge that bears, deer, cougars, pine martens, bald eagles and river otters call home.

Great Bear Lodge Sea Plane in water, Canada

Remote Lodges

Great Bear Lodge is located in the Great Bear Rainforest, home to a large number of coastal grizzly bears. This fully self-contained floating property is the ideal base for viewing unique wildlife.
Bear and Bear Cub spotting from boat, Great Bear Lodge, Canada

Wildlife Encounters

The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the few places on Earth where bears actually outnumber humans. Head out into the remote wilderness each day of your stay for possible bear sightings.
Two bears in water at the Great Bear Lodge, Canada

Expert Guides

Biologist guides take you by boat to the most densely-populated parts of the forest in search of grizzlies. Learn about the rare ecosystem and grizzly bear body language, and enjoy presentations at your lodge explaining the interaction of grizzly bears within this environment.

Bears, Birds & Belugas Adventure

Five nights at Seal River Heritage Lodge leaves you feeling as though you’re in a surreal daydream. Mornings start with polar bear tracking on foot or on the water, and evenings are open for discovering the phenomenal northern lights. There's also ample opportunity to spot mighty beluga whales as they gather here in their thousands every summer.

Exterior of Seal River Heritage Lodge, Canada

Remote Lodges

Named a National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World, the eco-friendly Seal River Heritage Lodge is located in one of the world’s largest polar bear denning areas.
View of Beluga Whale in sea

Wildlife Encounters

See wild polar bears without pesky barriers and take to the water to spot smiling beluga whales. On wildlife-viewing trips, you might also be lucky enough to see caribou, wolves, moose, and red and Arctic foxes.
Polar Bear and Cub in wild, Canada

Expert Local Guides

Wildlife guides will expertly lead every exploration as you head out in search of unique fauna, both on land and in the water. They’ll also share their knowledge with you during wildlife lectures.

Hudson Bay Odyssey

Specially located in one of the most densely polar bear populated regions, four nights at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge gives you the best chance at a special encounter with these incredible creatures. There’s also ample opportunity for photos of resident wolves, black bears and moose.

Polar Bear by Water, Canada

Remote Lodges

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge is located along the Mississippi Migratory Flyway and overlooks the Arctic Ocean, with the Boreal Forest as its backyard. This means the area is home to a diverse array of coastal and woodland wildlife.
Passenger taking a photo of Polar Bear, Canada

Wildlife Encounters

The lodge is famous for its signature ground-level walking tours, giving you the chance to see polar bears up close. Unlike other lodges, there’s no glass and no fences here – just you and the polar bears!
Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, Canada

Aurora Viewing

In the evenings, your lodge staff will keep their eyes on the sky, monitoring weather conditions in case the aurora borealis decides to come out. If you want, they’ll even come by for a wake-up call so you won’t miss the excitement.

Northern Lights Adventure

Canada’s remote Yukon territory is one of the best places to witness one of nature's most phenomenal displays - the ethereal northern lights. This extension is perfect for those who find themselves mesmerised by the shimmering lights.
Aerial view of Whitehorse, Yukon

Discover Whitehorse

Enjoy plenty of time at leisure to explore this gold-rush city. Pop in to one of the many museums or go for a stroll along the banks of the Yukon River.
Enjoy the magic of winter at Southern Lakes Resort, Canada

Southern Lakes Resort

Enjoy a splendid stay amid the lakeside wilderness of the Yukon, savouring the beautiful setting from the balcony of your very own cabin.
Yukon Northern Lights, Canada

Aurora Viewing

Your resort has plenty of special vantage points, from the hot tub to the open fields. Regardless of where you watch from, if the magical Northern Lights reveal themselves, you’re sure to be impressed.

Explore More

Banff National Park, Canada

Canada, Alaska & The USA

There’s so much to discover in North America. The culture is forever illuminating and nature fluid. Dull moments? Forget them. APT is by your side, from Vancouver to New York City, leading the way on your newest discovery.
Niagara Falls at sunset with skyscrapers in the background.

Signature Experiences

Carefully designed to help you experience North America in far greater depth, APT has crafted once-in-a-lifetime moments that no amount of words or pictures can describe. They’re called Signature Experiences, and each one illuminates more about the region.
Crystal clear lake surrounded by mountains and pine forest, Canada

Land Journeys

By coach, your holiday through North America takes you to all those must-see sites, while also celebrating the road in between. You’ll have the luxury of a personalised experience that larger groups simply can’t achieve.