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The world’s most populous country, China showcases a culturally fascinating past that blends into a phenomenally fast-paced future. From iconic monuments, dynamic cities and exquisite cuisine to enchanting landscapes, quaint villages and friendly locals, this vast and varied country offers an array of wonders to create a unique travel experience.

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Where history and modernity meet, China presents a colourful and fragrant world of endless possibilities. With iconic sights on land and scenic beauty along the Yangtze, be transported through its rich history and unearth ancient architectural triumphs and fascinating traditions.

  • Enjoy the comfort of knowing you have everything provided for the perfect vacation - like overseas transfers, port charges, tipping and luggage porterage
  • From Beijing to Shanghai, be captivated by included sightseeing led by expert local guides, and experience a variety of customs and cultures
  • Enjoy quality accommodation in hotels set in central or unique locations, and cruise in comfort aboard some of the finest ships on the Yangtze
  • A host of unique culinary experiences await – from delicious dining onboard your cruise to tantalising meals at local restaurants

Travel Regions

Map of China
A fascinating past combined with a fast-paced present, China is an intriguing destination overflowing with adventure and culture. With iconic sights on land and stunning beauty on the Yangtze River, it offers an exciting journey for all.
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Winding a distance of 3,900 miles, the Yangtze River has carved its path through the mountains over millions of years. Cruising through the idyllic Three Gorges region, you'll venture off the beaten track to experience the rituals of rural life.
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You’ll enjoy Signature Experiences, the finest five-star accommodation, a host of unforgettable culinary experiences and exceptional service; and can personalise your vacation with Freedom of Choice on APT's offerings throughout China
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