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Small Ship Cruising

APT's fleet of small ships have access to some of the world’s most pristine and untouched ports. They offer the perfect balance between the spacious comfort of a large ocean liner and the boutique advantages of a smaller vessel. Sailing to destinations around the globe, step ashore right into the centre of town and enjoy more time to explore.

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The advantages of cruising by small ship are numerous. They include small group sizes on all excursions ashore, no queuing to disembark while in port, and a relaxed atmosphere at all times. With guest numbers of a little over 100 and 75 crew members, a crew to passenger ratio means you will step aboard as a guest, and leave your journey feeling part of the APT family. To ensure you get the most out of your adventure, all cruises are led and organised by our outstanding onboard Expedition Team.


Whether you want to discover the hidden isles of Japan or navigate the sun-soaked waters of Southeast Asia, a Small Ship Cruise guarantees you a delightful ingress into the vibrant culture of Asia.       
From charming coastal ports of the Baltic to Scandinavia’s verdant archipelagos and pristine fjords, get to know Northern Europe’s most evocative landscapes up close. Venture by Zodiac and step ashore to uncover even more unforgettable experiences.       
With tumbling falls, fascinating reefs and gorges carved by powerful rivers, the Kimberley Coast is simply spectacular. From sublime Horizontal Falls to ancient Indigenous rock art, gain a front-row seat to the region's most amazing sights.      
Fascinating wildlife, thrilling Zodiac rides, unparalleled glacial scenery – Antarctica is a breathtaking world of white and blue. Meanwhile South America is an evocative collage of colour, culture, beauty and history.      
Uncover Tasmania’s best guarded secrets on a small ship cruise, gaining rarely experienced insight into the mystical natural surrounds. Explore hard to reach places and traverse the pristine waters surrounding Tasmania’s southern and eastern shores.
APT’s privately chartered fleet of Luxury Mega-Yachts are the pinnacle of poise. Enjoy spacious suites, well-appointed public spaces and large outside deck areas perfect for taking in the ever-changing panoramas of the world's most exotic locales.       
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As a family-owned company with origins that date back to 1927, we know how to make a great holiday extraordinary

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  • Personalise your holiday in select locations with our included Freedom of Choice activities and dining options
  • APT’s privately chartered fleet of Luxury Mega-Yachts are perfect for taking in the ever-changing panoramas of the world's most exotic locales
  • Experience centuries of epic history, esteemed legend and regal enchantment as you traverse the cultural canvas of Europe
  • An evocative collage of colour, culture, beauty and history - South America is a land like no other
  • No matter where you decide to explore, you are guaranteed to fall in love with Australia
  • All-inclusive and designed for the discerning traveller. Wherever you’ve dreamed of going, APT can take you there.