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Paris | France

Learn more about this fashionable city known for its romantic scenery, delicious cuisine and rich history in our Paris City Guide.


City of Light or City of Love, Paris is instantly recognisable and regarded as one of the world's most beautiful capitals. The city is known for its monuments, boulevards, boutique bistros and golden-stoned facades all densely packed so you can appreciate the characteristics of different quartiers (districts) with relative ease. Experience Paris's gracious charm and opulent tree-lined avenues, including the iconic Champs-Elysees. Explore the Left Bank's contemporary culture and watch the world go by from Boulevard Saint-Germain's trendy cafes and bars. Wander the banks of the River Seine, losing yourself in the romance of old riverside market stalls. Not to mention the countless museums to explore, harbouring treasures old and new, as you discover what Paris means to you.


Ore Restaurant, Versailles France

Ore Restaurant, Versailles

Indulge in lunch at Ore Restaurant in Versailles, created by renowned chef Alain Ducasse. After, discover the splendour behind Louis XIV’s transformation of the Palace of Versailles, from its gilded Hall of Mirrors to exquisite formal gardens.
The artist region of Montmartre at dawn in Paris, France

Montmartre and Sacre-Cœur Basilica

Visit the charming hilltop district of Montmartre (the Mount of Martyrs) and visit the beautiful Sacre-Cœur Basilica. Wander cobbled laneways, sit for sketch by a portrait artist, or stop for a 'chocolat chaud' in a cosy cafe.
blue citroen 2cv car france 12-5

Citroen 2CV Drive

For a stylish sightseeing adventure, explore Parisian backstreets in an open-top vehicle. The iconic Citroen 2CV vehicle is a national treasure, first manufactured in 1948. Discover the city's star attractions from this movie star of a car. 

General Information

Country: France

Currency: Euro (EUR)

International dialling code: +33

Local time: GMT +1

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Population: The population of Paris is over 11 million. France's population is approximately 67 million.
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Language: French

Useful phrases: Bonjour (hello); Merci (thank you); Au revoir (goodbye); Bonsoir (good evening)

Metro: Using the city's metro is the most efficient way to get between the different arrondissements (or sections).

Picnics: The fresh produce and quality ingredients one can find in a grocery store in Paris means that the perfect lunch need not be at a sit-down restaurant, but simply at the Eiffel Tower accompanied by a crunchy baguette, cheese, wine and croissants.

Smaller breakfasts in Paris: It is common for breakfast just to consist of coffee and a small pastry when out and about as Parisians tend to have bigger lunches and dinners than breakfasts.

A Tour Director's take on Paris: "Walking through Paris without a goal or clear destination. Even though I pass through the same square, street corner or shop I always discover something new that in my memories was never there but in fact has been there for centuries. That could be a statue or a decoration on a building. The city never ceases to amaze me. 

One of the most magical moments in Paris is the summer around sunset. When the sun goes down and the street lights come on. It feels like the city is covered in a golden for a very short period of time. My favourite place to be at that moment of the day is on one of the benches is in the courtyard of the Louvre." (Words by Rachel van der Hulst.)