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MS Sun Goddess


When you choose to embark on a cruise along the most historically significant stretch of the Nile River, you want to make sure it is with the very best. The MS Sun Goddess offers a luxurious onboard experience with spacious cabins, gastronomic cuisine and impeccable service – all designed to ensure your Nile Cruise is exactly how you’ve imagined it will be.

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View looking towards a small city from the water, Egypt


Along the Egyptian banks of the Nile River, remnants of ancient civilisations blur the lines between the past and the present. Explore temples, tombs and ruins, as you cruise between the exotic ports of Luxor and Aswan.
Sphinx and Pyramids, Egypt

Discover the Middle East

From the Nile across mountains and deserts to minaret-topped cities, let us show you a place where continents, religions and cultures intersect.
Gold statues against black mountains and purple sky, Middle East

Signature Experiences

These are the experiences you’ll recount to your friends and family. The experiences that will linger in your memory for years to come.