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Responsible Tourism in Australia

Established in 2003, the APT Charitable and Conservation Fund supports the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, dedicated to preserving Indigenous wildlife at Mornington Sanctuary in the Kimberley, Brooklyn Sanctuary near Cairns and Karakamia Sanctuary near Perth. We also sponsor a Tasmanian Devil, Delilah, to encourage the species’ survival and that of future generations.
Kangaroos in an open field, Australia
APT is delighted to be conservation partners with the Australian National Maritime Museum. Through conservation the museum aims to minimise changes to the objects in the collection as well as those on loan to the museum. It protects these precious objects from the climate and slows down physical and chemical deterioration. APT assists the museum in safeguarding our maritime heritage for this and future generations.
APT is a proud supporter of the Blue Ribbon Foundation. The Victoria Police Blue Ribbon Foundation perpetuates the memory of members of the Victoria Police killed in the line of duty through the support of worthwhile community projects within Victoria.

Responsible Tourism in Asia

APT, in conjunction with ODA and The Rotary Club of Atherton, Queensland, have built a school in an impoverished area near Siem Reap, Cambodia. APT supports this venture through direct and indirect funding, and will take guests to ODA when possible. The main focus is to care and guide the children who live there and provide free English education which will lead to wider employment opportunities for students. Offering both practical and financial support, we’re delighted to be making a difference to a region that provides our guests so much enjoyment.

For every river cruise APT conducts to Cambodia, we contribute towards ODA. This helps to cover the cost of building, servicing and staffing the school including the teacher’s salary and costs. This is our contribution to educating the children in English which is the best way for them to reach above the subsistence farming of their parents, and so break the poverty cycle.

Grey coloured stone temple at sunset, Angkor Wat

Responsible Tourism in the Kimberley

APT is proud to support the Kimberley Foundation Australia with scientific rock art research that provides insight into one of the oldest cultures in the world. The esteemed not for profit raises funds to research, preserve and promote Kimberley rock art. The organisation has funded and supported scientists to work in partnership with Aboriginal communities to uncover Australia’s earliest untold settlement history through rock art.
Kimberly Rock Art and Guide.
For more than five years, through Kimberley Wilderness Adventures (KWA), APT has been in a unique partnership with Wunan, a community-based initiative that represents the Indigenous people of the East Kimberley. Our relationships with local traditional landowners has led to the development of several permanent wilderness lodges. We have employees from local communities at our Mitchell Falls and Bungle Bungle Wilderness Lodges, not to mention providing supplies to the local art gallery at Bell Gorge Wilderness Lodge. Partnering with the Djabulukgu Association, we can access highly restricted areas of Kakadu. Visit sacred sites, including Cannon Hill and Hawk Dreaming.
The Kandiwal Community is the traditional owner of the land on which APT’s Mitchell Falls Wilderness Lodge is built. The community has been a close partner of ours since we started investing in the Kimberley in 2003. Working together harmoniously, last year APT supported the community by offering financial assistance to local school children. We made donations of $190,000 to help install electrical infrastructure to power a new school that is in the process of being built; and a $77,000 contribution to fund two tutors to live on the Plateau who are assisting to deliver the education syllabus to the 15 children of the community, in collaboration with the School of the Air. This has delivered fantastic results for the kids, who have grown in confidence and ability as they have been assisted to learn.

Respecting Our Culture (ROC) Program Member

APT has received Respecting Our Culture (ROC) endorsement. This program uniquely acknowledges APT’s cultural protocols and authenticity, as well as our sustainable business and environmental practices. Further, APT is an Accredited Tourism Business having met the requirements of the National Tourism Accreditation Standard.

We have a dual responsibility to both our customers, and to the unique cultures and environments to which we take you. In fulfilling these responsibilities, we'll take you on an incredible journey into pristine ecosystems while you explore ancient traditions and cultures - and we'll leave them all intact.