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Canada, Alaska and USA

A chain of breathtaking mountain peaks cuts through the heart of two vast, very different lands. Here, bright blue skies melt into glacial oceans, dramatic coastlines and unforgiving deserts hide some of the word's most famous urban centres. The diverse landscapes and cities of North America await.

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Where We Go

Map of North America
View of the Margerie Glacier in Alaska, USA.


No matter how prepared you are, Alaska is sure to astound you with its natural beauty as you cruise the icy waters of the incredible Inside Passage. On land, discover sprawling untamed wilderness areas teeming with unique wildlife.
Montreal Old Town at Night, Canada

Eastern Canada

From French-inspired Montreal to the wind-swept coastline of New England, this part of the continent is brimming with old-world charm.
Crystal clear waters of Lake Louise, Canada

Western Canada & Alaska

Towering snow-capped peaks and shimmering turquoise lakes await your discovery in Western Canada. Along the way, explore picturesque mountain towns like Banff, Whistler and Jasper.
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Essential Tours

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Luxury Tours

Nowhere is APT’s expertise more evident. You’ll enjoy Signature Experiences, the finest five-star accommodation, a host of unforgettable culinary experiences and exceptional service; and can personalise your holiday with Freedom of Choice.

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Rocky Mountains at Sunrise during Winter, Canada

Winter in Canada

Experience a white Christmas of your dreams in Canada's Rocky Mountains. Fairy lights sparkle throughout charming alpine villages, rugged landscapes are perfectly dusted in snow and delicious banquets with all the trimmings await.