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Experience the Magic of a Luxury Cruise to Antarctica

In this article, set off on the adventure of your life aboard a luxury cruise to Antarctica - an otherworldly place where plunging temperatures, mesmerising wildlife and 90% of the world’s ice reign supreme.

Set off on the adventure of your life aboard a luxury cruise to Antarctica - an otherworldly place where plunging temperatures, mesmerising wildlife and 90% of the world’s ice reign supreme.

Larger than Europe, containing 70% of the world’s fresh water, and by definition: a desert, Antarctica is a continent like no other. Each day on your luxury ship Le Boreal, you will be awed by towering icebergs, Zodiac excursions and vistas of the polar peninsula’s ethereal coastline – pure places of crystalline white and every shade of blue.

Le Boreal Ponant Ship, Pelletier Channel, Antarctica

Soul Awakening Scenery

The everchanging glaciers, white-capped land and iceberg-strewn waters of Antarctica offer an inimitably unique adventure. In the mornings, a heavenly backdrop of glistening ice formations and azure waters will greet you as you draw the curtains in your stateroom. From your private balcony, the world’s crispest, cleanest air will seep into your pores, interrupted only, perhaps, by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. A tranquil, meditative silence is ever-present, punctuated by the powerful cracking and creaking of ice, snowflakes landing and water gently lapping at the ice edge. 

Penguin, Ice Wall, Antarctica

Enchanting Wildlife

You will be charmed by Antarctica’s abundant and thriving wildlife. Be mesmerised by playful Adelie and Gentoo penguins, and crabeater seals up close. Majestic orca, humpback and minke whales will leave you awestruck as they surface from the Southern Ocean, spouting sky high and splashing their tails powerfully. Penguin rookeries are a cacophony of squawking and chirping, with mischievous antics offering endless entertainment. Watch as one penguin furnishes its nest with a coveted pebble, only for another to steal it moments later.
Passengers viewing seal from Zodiac, Antarctica

Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

No two visits to the White Continent are ever the same. Throughout your Antarctic journey, you will be spellbound by daily Zodiac rides affording up close encounters and unforgettable shore landings, and an optional sea kayaking adventure will leave you pinching yourself. Be fascinated by visits to Deception Island and the Port Lockroy scientific base. In the summer season, the glorious hues of late-night twilight combine with pink-tinted clouds, magically lighting up the water and ice as the sun sets.

Penguin outside Round Hut, Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Onboard Luxury and Delectable Fine Dining

Le Boreal is a luxury, state-of-the-art ship purpose-built for cruising glacial waters not accessible to larger vessels. The ship’s sumptuous onboard spaces offer stunning views of the scenery outside, from its French fine dining and lighter fare restaurants to its spacious main lounge and rejuvenating heated pool. Relax with a glass of wine in the ship’s panoramic lounge or savour 24-hour room service in your stylish stateroom as Le Boreal glides by serene icescapes.
Le Boreal Ponant Ship, Antarctica

The Ultimate Antarctic Tick List

  • See towering icebergs and table ice slabs
  • Step ashore and visit a lively penguin colony
  • Spot a mighty whale spouting at the water’s surface
  • Witness sleepy crabeater seals lounging on floating ice beds
  • Watch skua birds and albatross diving from the sky
  • Touch the world’s purest ice, fresh snowflakes, and the freezing waters of the Southern Ocean
  • Visit Deception Island, an active volcano and former whaling station
  • Discover Port Lockroy scientific base


Le Boreal Ponant Ship, Pelletier Channel, Antarctica

Antarctic Voyage, 14 Days

Explore extraordinary Antarctica up close on a 10-night luxury cruise.


Experience the spectacular scenery and wildlife of the White Continent on an extensive journey through the Antarctic Peninsula aboard Le Boreal. Daily Zodiac excursions offer unforgettable shore landings and up-close encounters with penguins, seals, whales, and the region’s everchanging ice formations. Discover the former whaling station at Deception Island and the Port Lockroy scientific base. And enjoy three nights in Buenos Aires before your cruise. 


Words: Alexander Simpson

Images courtesy of Ponant