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Magnificent Europe – 2024 touring with APT

Ultimate service 

“Good morning, David! A strong latte with one sugar for you. Enjoy.” The crew member who took your coffee order on the first morning greets you with a smile as you sit down for breakfast. Later, as the lights on the banks on the Danube start to sparkle, another crew member asks if you would like the same gin and tonic you ordered last night, or would you like to try something different? It’s this kind of personalised service that keeps our guests returning year after year. There’s a feeling you get when you’re in the hands of the experts. And with almost 100 years of experience, Australia’s largest family-owned tour and cruise company boasts unrivalled expertise. 

Over the years, APT has been constantly evolving and expanding to bring you the richest experiences that create unforgettable memories. By operating our own river ships, we’re able to consistently deliver an exceptional standard of cruising. Picture yourself on the Sun Deck on your river ship taking in the 360-degree views along the Danube. Sip a cocktail from the swim-up bar. Breathe in the fresh air on the Lower Sun Deck or enjoy some quiet time on the Teak Front Deck. The flavour of the local regions created by the onboard chefs, coupled with fine wines from local vineyards, fully immerses you in the cultural experience. It's these details that spark the moments you'll never forget. 
View of City Palace Concert, Austria
Something Memorable 

Creating memorable moments also means creating richer, more unique experiences and genuine connections. This is why we have the most experienced and knowledgeable tour guides who are passionate about giving you a deeper understanding and appreciation of the destination. You won’t have to worry about missing the ‘must-see’ experiences or spending hours planning your itinerary, our carefully curated experiences ensure that you see the best our destinations have to offer. Our guides share with you insights that only a local could possess. They're brimming with knowledge, passionate about their work, and you will experience the history, culture and traditions of their hometowns coming to life as they bring you into their world. A special privilege indeed. 

Our Signature Experiences are the standout moments. They are purposefully designed to help you experience destinations in far greater depth, and you will gain far more insight into the cultural fabric than regular sightseeing. These unique experiences are not normally available to independent travellers. Pinch yourself as you are transported back in time at a cocktail party and private concert featuring classics by Mozart and Strauss at Vienna’s dazzling City Palace. Go beyond the gates and be welcomed by Princess Heide Von Hohenzollern into her home for morning tea at Namedy Castle, a magnificent royal escape set near the Rhine River.  Travel to a traditional restaurant overlooking Salzburg for a special ‘Sound of Music’ show and feel like you have been teleported right into the movie. You’ll hardly believe your eyes as these fairytales come to life, and these once-in-a-lifetime moments are etched in your memory forever. 
Overlooking garden towards Namedy Castle
Personalised experiences 

We understand that different travellers enjoy different things. That’s why we work with you to personalise your journey to suit your interests. Our Freedom of Choice options allow you to mix and match a wide selection of cultural, culinary, historical, and active experiences to discover the destination your way. Enjoy a guided walking tour of fascinating cities and historical sites or glide over the breath-taking emerald vineyards of the Rhine Valley on a gondola ride. The only difficulty will be which of the Freedom of Choice options to choose! 
Rhine Valley, Germany
All included! 

The one thing you won't discover on a tour with APT is hidden costs. No matter which tour you choose, your price covers everything you need for the perfect holiday – from enriching sightseeing to dining. Even tipping is included. Return airport transfers, porterage and gratuities are included on your luxury journey so you can relax and make the most of your holiday. On your cruise, select suites also boast butler service and complimentary laundry. 

There is nothing left for you to do except turn up ready to embark on the trip of a lifetime, soak in every extraordinary moment and make some incredible memories.