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Discover the Kimberley with APT Expedition Leader Craig Watt

As an expedition leader with APT, Craig Watt is so often asked for his highlights when traveling along the Kimberley Coast. Read on for his top three..

APT’s Expedition Leader, Craig Watt describes his role and favourite destinations along the spectacular Kimberley Coast. Discover Craig’s highlights on board the coastal Kimberley voyages in the video below. 


An APT Kimberley Voyage is 11 days along the coast and I'm so often asked what my highlights would be. Montgomery Reef has got to be up there. It's always spectacular, but if you're lucky enough to go when the weather's kind and the tide is in your favour, it's just truly breathtaking.

The Horizon Waterfalls is another natural phenomenon, it is great to go in and see the gaps and the water running through. The broader region of the horizontal waterfalls as well, the geology, the wildlife, the flora and fauna of that area never ceases to amaze me and on a good day, we may have sharks swimming around the boat.

Prince Frederick Harbour is perhaps the most scenic place on the Kimberly Coast and even if I find myself hardly even leaving the ship that day, just to be on anchor and looking at the scenery is very special.

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