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Meet APT Cruise Director - Andrew Masters

Based in Europe, Cruise Director Andrew Masters tells why he loves travelling in this article.

Based in Europe, Cruise Director Andrew Masters tells why he loves travelling.
andrew masters cruise director q and a
How long have you worked for the company and what is your favourite thing about APT?
I have been working for APT for 6 years. This is a nice company to work for. I like it’s ethic and family run nature
What does your job entail and what do you love most about it? 
Operating river cruises. Being with the guests and sharing the fun with them.
The ms Ama Vida sailing along the Douro River past village, Portugal
View across the rooftps of a city, Austria
What has been your favourite on-tour moment and why?
My favourite moment while on tour would have to be talking to a blind guest about Vienna. It had been the last city she had seen many years ago, before she lost her sight. 
What destination is 'calling' you?
USA to see my son when the Covid travel restrictions are eased.
Skyscraper buildings across a vast huge city, USA
What does travel mean to you?
Because it has been my life to travel... it has given me a much wider perspective of life and people. Travel is the greatest cure for the narrow minded!