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Meet APT Tour Director - Janos Horvath

In this article, explore Tour Director Janos Horvath's travel highlights and experiences that he has had whilst working with APT.

Europe Tour Director Janos, shares his favourite place APT visits in Europe and why river cruising is so special.

What brought you to a career touring Europe?

At the age of 14, when I entered high school, I picked up French as second foreign language and then I convinced my parents to do a real road trip from Budapest to Paris by car. I planned the entire journey with all the stops along the way, as well as the daily program and itinerary for our stay in Paris with details like where to change from bus to metro to get to a certain landmark. My passion for touring has never faded, thus no wonder that as soon as I finished my studies in tourism I immediately started taking European coach tours then I swapped to river ships.
Headsot of Janos

Tell us about a typical day onboard for you.

We normally start the day with an exciting sightseeing tour of a new city where we have sailed overnight, or visit a well-known landmark building, followed by some free time for individual discoveries. Then we are back on board for lunch and continue sailing the rivers, with often an informative lecture in the afternoon or an entertaining musical theme night after dinner. One thing not to be missed each day is the Port Talk that provides all the necessary info to be prepared for the following day’s adventures.
Arched bridge crossing the Seine river illuminated under the dark night sky

What makes river cruising so special?

Unlike ocean cruising, there is no sea day on river cruising. We won’t be looking at the horizon, but a constantly changing ‘National Geographic-like’ movie. Often not the destination is the highlight but how we get there, sailing through spectacular river gorges and giant locks. Getting up in the morning to a different scenery, different country, culture and language is fascinating. Also, we get to know each other rather fast as there are not more than 160 guests on board, depending on the itinerary.

What is your favourite APT location to visit on tour, and why?

I would say Regensburg on the Danube in Bavaria. One of the best-preserved German towns with over 2,000 years of heritage. Roman city gate, the oldest stone bridge over the Danube, a gothic cathedral, many colourful facades of medieval merchant houses and dozens of zigzagging cosy streets with cafés, antique shops and unique local stores. Not to forget the oldest sausage kitchen in the world and my personal favourite, the ice cream parlours that offer terraces with a view to watch the world go by.
Arch bridge, waterfront buildings and cathedral in the background

Do you have a standout memory from your time touring with APT?

In 2018 I was honoured take the ANZAC cruise on the Seine in France and attended the Dawn Service in Villiers-Bretonneux for the 100th anniversary. It was a very special cruise that I will never forget.

What advice would you give to people cruising Europe for the first time?

Come open minded and flexible. Certain things are not better or worse, just simply different. Despite we offer the best international and local cuisine on board, wander off occasionally to find eg. a hidden place to savour some traditional local treat. When packing, before closing your suitcase, make sure you take one item out from each type of clothing. People tend to overpack, you’ll see you will not need it.