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Meet APT Tour Director – Jaqi Mifflin

In this article, Jaqi tells us what she enjoys the most about Canada and sharing her little corner of the world as a Tour Director.

Jaqi, a tour director in Canada, shares her funny on-tour moment involving two bears and what she loves most about working for APT.
What does your job entail and what do you love most about it? 
As a Tour Director, I escort our guests on coaches and cruise ships around Western Canada and Alaska. It’s not a job, it’s what I am and I absolutely love what I do! Canada is my adopted country by choice and I have lived here for almost 40 years. I love sharing our little corner of the world with our guests. Working with APT clients is very rewarding. They can teach me as much about their countries as I can about ours and the diversity of personalities is as wide as the distance between our countries and twice as much fun.
Headshot of Jaqi Miffin
How long have you worked for APT and what is your favourite thing about working for the company?
I have worked for APT since 2011 and have loved every minute. Bumping into fellow Tour Directors and occasionally office staff on the road is one of my favourite things, as well as the fabulous itineraries that we have.
View of Jaqi in snow

What has been your favourite on-tour moment?
My absolute favourite moment was literally just about four minutes of watching two grizzly bears, just a few metres from the coach. It was mating season and he wanted ‘to’ and she didn’t, so there were a couple of somewhat aggressive minutes as she tried to discourage him. We were all able to get some great photos.

View of Jaqi speaking on bus

What does travel mean to you? 
Travelling to me is one way to learn about others and their culture. It broadens one's horizons, mind and thinking.

What destination is 'calling' you?
Hawaii is my favourite place, the Big Island is much less popular or crowded than some of the other islands. My bucket list includes Machu Picchu and the Galapagos Islands, but the South Pacific islands are calling my name too.