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Travels with Rob McGeary in Croatia

In this article, discover APT's very own Rob McGeary's favourite places to visit in Croatia and his top tips for the best restaurant, best activity and best place.


Rob McGeary was born into the travel business. He accompanied his father on tours as a young lad, and meeting and talking to passengers was his early training ground in the travel industry. Rob started work in the APT office as a teenager, then became a driver on tours in the Northern Territory. He is currently an APT Company Director and still regularly travels.


profile atg leader director rob mcgeary, australia

"Growing up a McGeary, travel was not only a vitally important component of our lives but the family passion. My father and grandfather both knew how travel could enrich our lives. It remains a privilege to have our guests trust in us to provide them with “once-in-a -lifetime” travel experiences and life-long memories. I hold onto my travel memories and the wonderful experiences I've had around the globe as something to look forward to. While I find myself dreaming about future travel, I recall one of my family’s favourite holiday destinations – stunning and enriching Croatia. My family first visited in 2004 on a coastal road trip by motor home, with our two very young sons and have returned twice since then, loving every moment. We are attracted by the climate, the Adriatic Sea, the stunning scenery and the relaxed towns, as well as the extraordinary islands."

Panorama Hvar town island of Hvar, Croatia

Best Restaurant

Croatia is the place to enjoy casual alfresco dining with ocean views and fresher-than-fresh seafood. One of our favourite spots was Bonj Les Bains in the lovely resort town of Hvar. Set on the water’s edge, the restaurant occupies what was once an English-style bathing area, and has no windows as such: just curtains for atmosphere. The food is wonderful, with a focus on seafood and quality meat.
view waterfall krka park, croatia

Best Activity

Don’t miss a trip to Krka National Park, about an hour north of Split. The lakes and waterfalls are stunning. Enjoy easy strolling on the boardwalks among the waterfalls, but be prepared for quite a few steps (and a little water) as you explore upstream. You will be well rewarded, however, with a shady walk and stunning views over the falls.


Aerial view of St Mary Island on a bright sunny day

Best Place

Dubrovnik is a medieval icon, Hvar is an amazing port town, Korcula is stunning – but for me, the sleepy southern island of Mijet was a beautiful surprise. We anchored in the protected waters of the harbour, the perfect base from which to explore. We cycled to the quiet national park and discovered the salt lakes of Malo Jezero and Veliko Jezero.