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Australia's Aerial Views by Private Jet

Images may speak louder than words, and sometimes they present us with views that beggar belief and make your soul soar.

Sit back and scan these aerial views of locations enjoyed on our Private Jet Air Tours across Australia. They offer a world of heavenly perspectives on the earth below, effortlessly connecting the dots between far-flung destinations from the skies above to the land Down Under.

close up aerial view of bungle bungle range kimberley australia
The Kimberley
Recent times have seen us get creative and push the boundaries of domestic travel in search of this country’s remotest corners. The Kimberley remains a domestic chart topper this year. Viewed from the skies on our 8 Day West Coast and Kimberley Horizons by Private Jet tour, this wilderness expanse in WA’s north west glows in hues of bronze, copper and taupe.


broome roebuck bay coastline western australia aerial view
The Kimberley Coast
Flying out across the Kimberley Coast, capes and coves cluster along golden shores. From the sky over Broome, red dirt meets white sand, fringed by turquoise waters, before Buccaneer Archipelago sprawls out into the distance, harbouring a cacophony of birdlife, and coral reefs are strung together in aqua seas.


aerial view desert northern territory australia
The Red Centre
Only air travel conveniently eats up the kilometres in a matter of hours across Australia’s giant red heart. Catch the glint of Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre’ssalt-crusted moonscape from above, which flushes with life when seasonal floodwaters creep in; before Uluru rises from the endless ripple of red desert, commanding your gaze like a mirage.


Aerial view across a wide open barren landscape, South Australia
Wilpena Pound
Spy South Australia’s Wilpena Pound on the desert’s edge in the north of Ikara-Flinders Ranges. Aerial views underscore the expanse of this great plain cradled by mountains. Its rugged geology holds deep cultural significance for the traditional owners the Adnyamathanha people, and European pastoralists also left their brief historical footprint.


aerial view of great barrier reef hardy hook queensland australia
Great Barrier Reef
This fragile marine ecosystem remains radiant from above. Only a fraction of all 900-plus islands, 2,900 reefs and 2,300 kilometres of the Great Barrier Reef can be explored at one time, so scan this natural wonder of the world from the skies for optimal viewing. A kaleidoscope of iridescent colour bursts greets the eye and when rainforest meets reef, they are nothing short of spectacular.


So, imagine a road free from traffic with views as far as the eye can see – a ‘skyway’ wrapped in wide open spaces, fettered only by flight paths. We know this as air travel, but far fewer of us have experienced the freedom of a Private Jet Air Tour. Effortlessly achievable with APT, these privately chartered air journeys explore Australia in images beyond compare.