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Travel with Friends or Family

Travelling with your favourite people will make your APT holiday adventure even more memorable. When you gather five or more friends or family and travel together on the same trip, APT will give you each a bonus saving. There's no better time to make your travel memories even more special in the company of your loved ones.

People drinking at a Beer Hall, Germany

Here’s five reasons why your friends and family should join you on your next APT adventure. 

1. Fabulous times with family 

Travelling with family can bring so much joy, especially seeing the world through the eyes of the younger and older people in your lives. Daughters, sons, parents, grandparents, cousins, in-laws, whatever the mix, you can make up a travel party of all your favourite family members and enjoy the wonders together.  

2. Brilliant birthday bash  

Any birthday is a great reason to get all the special people in your life together and have some fun. So why not make your next birthday one to remember and your holiday an extended birthday party.  

3. Terrific travel friends  

It’s likely you’ve met some great people when you last travelled so why not get together again on another APT tour. There is nothing like an annual holiday with likeminded friends keen to experience the world with you.  

Group with guide at Little Merten Falls, WA

4. Amazing anniversary adventures

Celebrate your milestone in style! Toast to your special day with friends and family while on board your next tour or cruise. 

5. Excellent tours for your club  

Do you belong to a club? From mahjong or bridge, to bowls or tai chi, why not get a group together and enjoy your interests while cruising or touring.  

When six friends travel together on the same trip, APT will give each of you a bonus saving. Here’s how it works: 

1. Get 6 of your friends or family to travel with you on the same tour together – you don’t all have to book at the same time! 

2. When booking, let us know who you’re travelling with.

3. We’ll apply the saving amount, which can be up to $600 per couple, to each booking that’s travelling together. If you’ve already paid the full amount, we’ll give you a refund.