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Breathtaking Europe
Statue of Archduke Charles Heldenplatz in front of the dome of Museum of Natural history, Vienna, Austria

Discover Europe

Discover the new in all-inclusive luxury on APT’s vast range of unforgettable European tours. Glide along the Rhine and Danube rivers to classical concerts and timeless castles, cruise to Croatian islands and Arctic wonders fit for a postcard, follow iconic railways through the Swiss Alps and tailor your journey with Freedom of Choice experiences throughout your trip of a lifetime.
Signautre Experiences
Signature Experiences Enriching experiences that create more meaningful memories
Freedom of Choice Inclusions
Freedom of Choice Personalise your journey to suit your interests 
Luxury Service
Luxury Service Experience our unrivalled guidance and care for yourself 
Best-in-class Fleet
Luxury Fleet Your floating retreats lead the way in luxury and comfort 
Locally Inspired Dining
Locally Inspired Dining Savour local flavours and celebrate cuisine on your holiday
Best of Europe

Discover diverse Europe in all its glory from Portugal to the Arctic, Ireland to the Mediterranean and all the iconic destinations between.

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Statue of Archduke Charles Heldenplatz in front of the dome of Museum of Natural history, Vienna, Austria

Europe Your Way

Whether you’d like to glide along the Rhine and Danube rivers to the magnificent cities of mainland Europe, island-hop through Croatia and the Mediterranean or venture into the Arctic on an expedition cruise, or even carve through the Swiss Alps by rail, there’s a European tour for every traveller with APT.

Incredible Experiences

Extraordinary experiences await you on your European tour, wherever and however you choose to explore the continent’s gems. From lively Christmas markets and the awe-inspiring Northern Lights to APT’s exclusive Signature Experiences, you’re assured new memories to last a lifetime.