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APT Tour Director and Prague-native Misa Posarova explains what makes APT land touring so special and shares her must-try treats when visiting the Czech Republic.

Why did you want to be a Tour Director with APT?

I have been working with APT since 2016, the brand puts together wonderful itineraries, attracts great guests, and offers a high standard of service I appreciate.


Tell us about your role.

I run land tours in the Czech Republic and Romania. I especially love running guided touring in Prague, showing guests the beauty and hidden treasures of my home city.


What makes touring with APT so special?

Guests are assured a calming, luxurious holiday with APT. There is so much freedom and choice, so guests can choose the most enjoyable day for them, from relaxing with a coffee to going on a guided tour of a castle. The itineraries are very carefully planned, and always contain the best places to visit at each destination, so guests never miss a thing. The high quality services and accommodation set APT apart and ensure guests have an unforgettable tour. The friendly and helpful staff are also an integral part of the experience, the team is truly committed to meeting guests' needs and wishes.

Red roofed buildings along the waterfront with arched bridge spanning the river all under a sunset orange sky
What destination do guests always get excited for?

This is an easy question - Prague is one of the most beautiful cities of the world, everybody loves it. It has so much to offer, history and architecture, a magical atmosphere, music, and culture. You can easily spend the day exploring, walking through the parks and by the Vltava River, or visiting the elegant restaurants, pubs, coffee shops and wineries.


What local delicacy should everyone try?

In Bohemia (a part of the Czech Republic), you must try the locally made pilsner beer. Czech cuisine is famed for its dumplings – duck or pork with sauerkraut are the most popular, but the sweet dumplings are also very tasty. You can get them filled with seasonal fruits, plums, strawberries, blueberries or apricots, served with butter, sugar and curd cheese.


What is your personal highlight from tour?

I am so passionate about sharing the destinations I love, so it is heart-warming to see my guests embracing a new place and culture. Our guests are genuinely just so happy to be able to travel and they enjoy every minute of it. 

Old library in Prague

Join APT a journey where every destination becomes a cherished memory, and every experience is a celebration of wanderlust.

Images courtesy of Nikada