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Land Journeys

Our escorted tours through New Zealand, Australia, Canada & South America have been meticulously crafted to provide the most insightful and diverse experience possible. Exploring these remarkable countries becomes effortless as we take care of all logistics - so you have more time to make new discoveries and lifelong memories.

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From humble beginnings in suburban Melbourne our years of touring experience have given us an expertise that few others possess. Our travel professionals use their knowledge to perfect our itineraries and deliver a comprehensive collection of inspiring holidays; whilst our long established partnerships with regional experts ensure that you gain a local’s insight into every location we visit.


This impressive continent strikes you with its restful and generous nature. From its ancient spiritual pulse to its clear turquoise horizons, Australia is a land that stimulates, entertains, excites and most of all - welcomes.
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Between verdant pastures and rainforests lies a landscape bubbling with geothermal activity. Whether you're savouring an authentic Hangi Feast or exploring the pristine Milford Sound, join us to experience the diversity of the Land of the Long White Cloud.
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Prepare yourself for a true feast for the senses. An evocative collage of colour, culture, beauty and history – South America is a land like no other, full of inspiration, awaiting you to explore. Journey to iconic cities like Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Cusco, and cruise around the Galápagos Islands.
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A chain of breathtaking mountain peaks cuts through the heart of two vast, very different lands. Here, bright blue skies melt into glacial oceans, dramatic coastlines and unforgiving deserts hide some of the word's most famous urban centres. The diverse landscapes and cities of Canada await.
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Nowhere is APT’s expertise more evident. You’ll enjoy Signature Experiences, accommodation in iconic hotels and resorts, a host of unforgettable culinary experiences and exceptional service; and can personalise your vacation with Freedom of Choice.
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Offering comfort at a price that represents outstanding value, Value-Plus Escorted Vacations provide a balance of included sightseeing and leisure time. You’ll enjoy quality accommodation and delicious meals - all delivered with APT’s trademark exceptional service.
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