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Australian Pacific Touring (North America) Ltd

Suite 530 - World Trade Centre
999 Canada Place
Vancouver BC V6C 3E1

USA Mailing address
6520 Platt Ave. #164
West Hills, CA 91307-3218

Reservations & Information
Reservations National Toll Free: 1 800 691 8641
Facsimile: 1 604 662 7720

Marketing & Administration
Telephone: 1 855 201 5670
Facsimile: 1 604 662 7720

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Wanting an organised holiday for a group of 10 or more family and friends?
Contact us regarding your arrangements and share a special interest holiday together.

Phone: 1800 655 440
Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 9 am to 5 pm (AEST)
Fax: 03 9581 0209 

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For employment in Australia only
(legal right to work in Australia required)

Australian Pacific Touring Pty Ltd
Level 4, 1230 Nepean Highway
Cheltenham Vic 3192
Phone: +61 3 8526 1300
Fax: +61 3 8526 1786

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