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Why Luxury Guided Tours Are Worth It

When you discover the world with APT you’re travelling with ease; journeying to incredible destinations, staying in luxury accommodation and enjoying authentic meals.

When you discover the world with APT, you really are travelling with ease. Journeying to incredible destinations and delving deep into the heart of them, exploring the culture, meeting the locals, staying in luxury accommodation in outstanding locations and, of course, feasting on delicious local food and wine. Our tours offer the best of both worlds where can reap the benefits of the camaraderie created in a group dynamic, while still delighting in the freedom associated with independent travel as you never sacrifice choice. Ashleigh Bailey explores the reasons why a guided journey with a luxury tour operator like APT is worth it.
Guide and passengers at the Cathedral Gorge

Access to Quality Experts in Travel

With access to a wealth of knowledge about the destinations the tour includes, your Tour Director and local guides help you to truly experience the destination. APT guests receive the benefit of a top tier Tour Director ready with top tips, recommendations and information to share. Our experts provide an insider’s perspective so you can enjoy an authentic holiday that runs seamlessly.

While your Tour Director will be with you for the entirety of your journey, many destinations also have local guides leading sightseeing tours. On the Cape Leveque and Kimberley Complete, a local expert joins the tour at Cygnet Bay to explain in detail how the world’s finest pearls are produced at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm, while at Mitchell Falls, local Indigenous guides will join you, bringing with them 40,000 years of ancestral knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the ancient land of the Kimberley. Whether you’re exploring Australia’s remote wilderness or one of Europe’s grand cities, your experience will explode into to life thanks to the stories and insider’s knowledge of our expert guides.

Couple watching sunset overlooking the city of Budapest, Hungary.

All Taken Care of

APT takes the worry out of planning. Our itineraries are crafted by our own travel experts, who not only create extraordinary journeys but experiences that stay with you long after you return home. At APT, we like to make things as easy as possible. Our holidays are what we like to call All-Inclusive Luxury so when you travel with us, everything you need is included and organised, so you can rest assured those details are taken care of. You’ll spend little time figuring out logistics so you can spend more of your time relaxing and enjoying your trip.
Two couples walking through the streets of Italy


Travelling overseas can be quite daunting. There can be much to overcome, like language barriers, locations and logistics foreign to you and the ever-present possibility of becoming lost. Guided group touring alleviates these concerns as you are welcomed into the safety of both having an expert guide to help you through and a group to support you in numbers. You will always have a helping hand close by.
Hobart lookout on sunny day

Freedom of Choice and Personalisation

You’ll never run out of things to explore and marvel at on an APT river cruise, thanks to our Freedom of Choice inclusions. In many destinations along your trip, you can choose from a selection of cultural, culinary, relaxing and adventurous experiences as you please, adding your own personal touch. On Tasmania Complete, you may choose to explore the thought-provoking Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) or explore Hobart on a guided walking tour or cruise the River Derwent on the Spirit of Hobart.

Wherever you travel, we will work with you to personalise your journey to suit your own interest from a wide range of options with the flexibility to put your own mark on your experience. You may choose to a gourmet experience one day then get active the next. The choice is completely up to you.

Ladies sitting on steps eating ice cream

Become Part of our Community

Travelling with like-minded people in a small group allows you to experience a more casual and relaxed atmosphere where fellow travellers quickly become new-found friends. It’s just another benefit of touring with an Australian owned and operated travel company in APT.

Many first-time APT guests become APT guests for life, enjoying the benefits of our loyalty club. Every time you travel, your journeys add up to unlock new and exciting benefits. With APT Club, you’re rewarded every time you travel. From vouchers and travel accessories to private airport transfers and overnight hotel stays, booking your guided tours give you so much more.

View of City Palace Concert, Austria

Gain Priority Access

You’ll spend less time waiting in queues on a guided tour, as all your access is handled by your expert guides. You’ll receive priority access to popular spots, bypassing long queues and all that wasted time. You’ll instead spend more time doing the very thing you came to do: holiday. It means more time to savour the many exclusive experiences and events that come with an APT luxury holiday. Things like exclusive access to Canada’s iconic The Butchart Gardens on the Rockies Odyssey when the gates are opened early just for APT guests and a private concert of superb arias at Vienna’s City Palace, an evening exclusive to APT guests on the Magnificent Europe river cruise.

Travel with Family and Friends

Travelling with your favourite people will make your guided holiday adventure even more memorable. It is great idea to celebrate a special birthday or anniversary with friends or family while you cruise or tour with APT. And, if you gather five or more friends or family and travel together on the same trip, APT will give you each a bonus saving. There's no better time to make your travel memories even more special in the company of your loved ones. This quote says it all - “A good friend listens to your adventures. A best friend makes them with you.” —Unknown