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A silhouette of a big male white lion walking across the savannah at sunset, Africa.


Africa, rugged and wild. There is nowhere else on Earth quite like it.
Bungle Bungle domes and Piccaninny Creek at dusk


Dramatic beauty and real adventure defines Australia.
Moraine Lake wide panorama, Canada

Canada and Alaska

Explore every angle of North America with APT's luxury journeys.
The Great Wall of China at sunset


Iconic sights and history await in the world’s most populous country.
Cluster of pyramids with 3 camels in foreground, Egypt

Egypt, Jordan and Israel

Mysterious pyramids, desert landscapes and the world’s longest river, the Nile.
Jama Masjid mosque in Delhi at night


Explore the unforgettable scenery and grand meccas of India.
Shwedagon Pagoda at dusk in Yangon, Myanmar


This ancient land has opened its magical doors to curious tourists.
Sunrise at Milford Sound, New Zealand

New Zealand

Experience the unique and rich culture of this verdant country.
Sunrise over the Kremlin and Red Square, Moscow Russia

Russia, Scandinavia and The Baltics

Drink in the vivid colours of this ethereal region in true luxury.
Christ the Redeemer from the distance

South America and Antarctica

Two continents offering two adventures to amaze and inspire.
Ha Long Bay in Vietnam at dusk

Vietnam and Cambodia

Discover this eclectic mix of cultures, history and architecture.