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Travel Update: COVID-19

Remote Journeys

Get off the bitumen and experience a journey off the beaten track on an APT Remote Journey. Explore the remote Kimberley and Outback Australia, or Africa with a small group, expertly navigated by friendly and knowledgeable Driver-Guides.

Immerse Yourself in Unique Landscapes

Overlook incredible landscapes in exquisite camps, air and 4WD tours in Africa, the rugged Kimberley or take in the pristine beauty of Tasmania.

Get up close to the local wildlife when in Amboseli National Park, with APT.

Discover Remote Locations

Experience a 4WD adventure along legendary outback roads to see locations large groups simply can't access. APT's custom-designed 4WD vehicles have an impeccable reliability record while traversing some of the world's roughest terrain.

Enjoy a Range of Inclusions and Experiences

Personalise your holiday in select locations with our included Freedom of Choice activities and dining options.

A Day in the Wilderness

Spend your days hiking through national parks and cooling off in pristine waters, and your nights at unique outback accommodation or our exclusive wilderness lodges. 

Explore More

Expedition Cruising

With a fleet of Zodiac excursion vessels on board of your Kimberley Cruise Ship, you can get closer to the action than ever before.

Land Journeys

Explore the world on APT’s fully escorted, all-inclusive Land Journeys. Each luxury journey is completely personalised to ensure the best luxury travel experience.

Luxury Short Breaks

Be immersed in five-star indulgence as you enjoy extended stays in select destinations.